Heterological Boundaries


Photography Exhibition

Cristina Cocullo & Emanuela Franchini

Grelling’s paradox, also known as Heterological Paradox.
This semantic paradox assumes that autological words are exactly what they describe (“short” is therefore autological being actually short).
Heterological words are those that are not like what they describe (“long” is a perfect example of a heterological word).
The question arises when someone asks whether the word heterological is autological.
If the answer is ‘yes’, '‘heterological’' is then autological leading to a contradiction.
If the answer is ‘no’, '‘heterological’' is then heterological and again leading to a contradiction.
These images are a simple attempt to break the heterological boundaries.

Cristina Cocullo was born in Pavia, Italy, in 1972. She lives and works in London and Milan, collaborating with magazines and photographic studios
as well as developing her idiosyncratic style when working on private commissions. She specialises in still life photography. A graduate from the
European design Institute in Milan (1994), studies continued in the U.K. with greater focus on printing processes and photographic techniques.
Cristina initially worked as an advertising designer, editing various publications. Her work has been published in numerous books and magazines
such as Arte, G.Mondadori, Ed. Casa del Mantegna, Neue Zurcher and Zeitung amongst others. She has shown in a number of galleries. The
solo exhibition ‘Human Toys’ in 2000 toured Pavia (Cairoli College University) Milan (Galleria Officina Fotografica) and Bologna (Museum of Santa
Maria Della Salute). 2001 saw the ‘Hands’ group show in Milan, Bologna and Trento, organised by D’Ars Agency. The Young European Artist
Prize selected her work for exhibition in Pavia at the Castello Visconteo. In 2005 ‘Undicistanti’ was shown at the Foundry in London followed in
2007 by two group exhibitions: ‘We are photographers now!’, Lausanne, Musée Elysée and ‘Breakthrough’, San Francisco, SFAC gallery. Cristina
was awarded the RHS Photographic prize in 2003. A collaboration with poet Daniel Weissbart in 2004 led to ‘Seven Short Poems’ published by
Signum Art publishing (Italy), who also worked with Cristina in 2008 on ‘Lo stato delle cose: svegliarsi a Londra, camminare a Milano, addormentarsi
a Madrid’ a booklet of seven poems by Sebastiano Benevelli, accompanied by seven of Cristina’s photographs. JPG magazine published
work in 2007 as did the online art magazine Platform58 in 2008. From 5yh May – 7th July 2009 Cristina will be exhibiting ‘The 11 Commandments’ at the Refectory,
Southwark Cathedral, London.

Emanuela Franchini was born in Genoa, Italy in 1971. A move to Milan to attend the School for Interpreters and Translators in 1991 did not deter
her passion for photography and she continued to explore her creativity whilst studying. 1999 saw her in London working for an advertising
agency. The change of scene has continued to inspire her visually. In July 2007 her passion began to pay dividends and her image ‘Cheap
70’s Porn’ was used by New York band The Strokes for the homepage of their website. She was delighted when, in the ensuing tide of interest,
the 2008 Sony World Photography Awards selected her image ‘Low Tide’ to advertise the award on their website. Platform58 published three
of her images in their 2008 October and December issues and the Canadian online magazine Toro interviewed her for their January 2009 issue.
In a striking contrast that befits her paradoxical nature, she has been the photographer for the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League at
the Field of Remembrance and at the private conference at Canada House with Prince Philip. Emanuela was commissioned to shoot a portrait
of Prince Philip in February 2009 by the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services league and this officially gives her the moniker of a ‘Royal Photographer’.
Demand for her compositions increases as seven of her images will be published in an art booklet by Signum Art publishing (Italy). Current
projects also include a collaboration with Australian author Stephen Mckenzie for his upcoming book ‘Get Smart’.

The joint exhibition ‘Heterological Boundaries’ is the first collaboration between Cristina Cocullo and Emanuela Franchini.